I currently work as both a writer and a copy editor, with a focus on fantasy, science fiction, and game writing. I believe in Oxford commas, semi-colons, and em dashes. I wish the subjunctive were held in higher regard.

Past careers include designing the scenery for theater and opera in the United States and Europe; teaching courses on world-building, performance design, and pie-making (!) at a small liberal arts college; and being a UX/UI designer in the early days of the graphical Web, long before anyone was talking about UX design. (Well, Don Norman was; the rest of us hadn't caught up to him yet.)

As a kid in the 1980s I read my first fantasy and science fiction novels, ran my first D&D campaign, and played my first video game. I haven’t stopped doing any of these since.

Last pie baked:

Mincemeat pie with lard + butter pastry.
It's gone now.

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