I am a user experience designer working across a range of mediums to design human interactions through visual, spatial, and kinetic storytelling. I am making a lateral career change into the digital world, bringing with me over 20 years of transferable design experience working on cross-functional production teams for over 150 plays, operas, and museum exhibitions in the United States and Europe.

As a scenic designer for theater I spearheaded design development processes of research, testing, iteration, and production in project time frames ranging from 4 weeks to 3-4 years. I generated sketches, 3D models, and technical drawings in varying degrees of fidelity for collaborators and engineers; both during the creative process, and while coordinating with local or remote teams during the construction, finishing, and installation phases of a project.

My exhibition design work for museums involves addressing every aspect of the presentation and revelation of objects and their associated visual information, visitor flows, and wayfinding in order to tell a story about the displayed artwork.

As a kid in the 1980s I read my first fantasy and science fiction novels, ran my first D&D campaign, and played my first computer RPG. I haven’t stopped any of these activities since! 

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